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SIBER - Eureka’s Network Project

SIBER - Low-cost sodium-ion batteries for European sustainable stationary energy storage application



The main goal of the project is to develop efficient materials and eco-oriented processing toward a cos effective sodium-ion battery pack for use in stationary energy storage systems. SIBER aims to bring a novel cell concept for energy storage based on ion sodium into the market. It will develop more sustainable and cost-effective anode and ceramic cathode materials to improve the environmental, health, and safety impact of the battery manufacturing processes, avoiding the use of toxic solvents in electrode processing together with the circular economy approach for sustainable anodes. Besides, developed sodium ion batteries will make use of no critical raw materials. It will also develop different types of electrolytes to obtain high-performance, safe, and stable Na-Ion batteries. Overall, the studies will have a general impact on the design of high-performance, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly Na-ion cells and provide useful insight into the very details of the importance of electrode electrolyte combinations in the Na-Ion battery market with different production strategies. Through the development of our Na-ion batteries, we will achieve sustainable solar energy storage using large European reserves of sodium.


Project Start / End Date:             01.07.2023 - 30.06.2026
Project Budget:                              1,149,350.00 Euros
Status:                                              Ongoing