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About Us

NESSTEC is established by well-experienced and enterprising scientists in 2020 to be a bridge between academia and industry in the field of electrochemical energy storage and materials science. It offers multiple research instruments and high-end tools to support diverse research activities. NESSTEC is interested in fundamental processes in electrochemical energy storage devices, emphasizing batteries. A separate and well-equipped infrastructure has been constructed.

What We Do

The founders of the NESSTEC have graduated more than 100 researchers, including young Ph.D. students from both genders and different disciplines and countries. By employing various state-of-the-art techniques, it has been using fundamental chemical and electrochemical characterization insights to direct materials development that will lead to improvements in high-specific energy battery operation. The current research on battery technology of NESSTEC founders was started in 2002 and has mainly focused on Li-Ion, Li-Air, Air-Flow, Al&Mg-Ion, Na-Ion, and Li-S technology.

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